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When They “Go Low” Channel Your EQ

When they “go low”, you know exactly what to do because you are the queen of EQ. Most of the time. EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is crucial on your career path and so important to master.

Toxic workplace scenarios can easily happen and they drain our spirit and make us forget about the big picture. We have to be conscious of our mental health at work and that also means sharpening our abilities to interact calmly and thoughtfully.

I have worked in many different offices at different levels of authority. It’s safe to say that emotional intelligence is a huge part of my success. Amazing relationships can be made, but some colleagues can be both brilliant and toxic. The workplace, office, or virtual scenarios can be filled with politics and microaggressions. A person can be smart, but that does not guarantee their abilities to get along well with others, adapt to change, or even do their job well.

Emotional Intelligence is an intriguing survival skill.

When planning for a successful career, keep these emotionally intelligent tips in mind:

  1. Never respond to an email when feeling negative emotions. Assess the urgency of the response, then give yourself one week, one day or a certain number of hours before responding.

  2. Acknowledge your mistake and be accountable for fixing it. Every time.

  3. Detach yourself from gossip or just listen and do not respond.

  4. Make sure everyone knows they are worth your time and valued.

  5. Understand your strengths, delegate or collaborate around your weaknesses.

  6. Communicate your boundaries.

  7. Instead of feeling threatened, make alliances.

  8. Recognize your fears and work on overcoming them regularly in order to advance in your career.

  9. Never burn bridges. If you put in 5 years with an organization, don’t let one incident ruin your chances of a favorable reference later on.

  10. Pay attention to your intuition. If someone seems off, be careful not to get close or share important information until you know them better.

Remote work still requires intelligent interactions. Be mindful of the tone of emails, set up Zoom coffee sessions with colleagues to stay social and connected. Take extra time to answer your coworkers thoroughly, acknowledging that you heard them and appreciate their email.

You will see the long-term effects of your EQ practice at work and in your personal life. Adapting just a couple of these tips into your daily routine will set you up with healthier relationships and a stronger sense of self-awareness.

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