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  • Writer's pictureMarie H.

To Be Graceful Is to Be Super Human

We learn in church that grace is the beautiful freely-given love, forgiveness, acceptance and help of God. Almost as if a ray of light shines down from heaven and cloaks each of us in patience, humility, and contentment to just be. It’s God’s grace.

The idea of grace is also something that is discussed in a non-religious setting. It is a character trait, a skill to develop, and a way to influence others. Grace can be studied as a way to live our lives. Acting with grace can be intentional and rewarding.

Here are several definitions of grace:

  • Quietness

  • Quiet Determination

  • Humility

  • Patience

  • Gratitude

  • Empathy

  • Inclusion

  • Accountability

  • Charm

  • Courage

  • The intersection of confidence and humility

  • The intersection of elegance and humility

How is grace a skill to achieve a goal or win a battle? I don’t mean to demonize the word at all with a manipulative spin, but when I imagine the spirit of grace, I close my eyes and imagine a mythical woman flowing through her life as if walking on air. Floating on the fullness of her soul in the midst of challenges. She humbles others with her knowledge, humility, elegance and genuine empathy. She unintentionally angers those who could not destroy her poise. There is persuasiveness and power that comes along with this allure. It seems she effortlessly wins time and time again.

Applying grace can break down barriers and obstacles into gentle compliance.

Michelle Obama pops into my mind as a woman who leads with grace in the midst of intense criticism and racism. As a first lady, she was so incredibly confident in her abilities and intelligence, she felt no need to ever “go low” as they say. Always taking the high road, presenting herself with charm, humility, and empathy. Mrs. Obama was and is well-loved.

I want to be this graceful. I want to build more of these qualities inside myself as a passive arsenal of protection. Over the years, as a sensitive woman, I’ve learned so much about emotional intelligence in the workplace and in personal relationships. We are all a work in progress.

It’s awe-inspiring to cross paths with an individual that is so deeply focused on being both intentional with their goals, an exceptional empath, and expressing with eloquence when the time is right. Demonstrating both charm and power.

The late Associate Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is another iconic leader that was often described as graceful, intelligent, and razor-sharp. The amount of achievements that this woman made and the amount of sexism and anti-semitism she endured to rise up and hold her position for 27 years is a reflection of her ability to show grace, give grace, and transmit incredible strength.

In the brief lives we are each given, how wonderful it would be to continuously experience and give grace in our circles of influence. Anger, sadness, jealousy will always be swirling around, but when we take a pause and consider our poise and potential, doesn’t it always come down to choosing to be a gracious human?

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