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The Worthiness Loop





Where do you fit in?

Regularly reacquaint yourself with creative play, silliness, or intentional relaxation. It’s rich with reward. It exposes our vulnerability, lets down our guards, gives us a break from the seriousness of life. It’s amazing how satisfied children are with themselves after a day of exploring and make-believe. They just love themselves.

As adults, our lives become heavy with responsibility, but, in some ways, we do have a choice about where to focus our heavy lifting. When we remain playful, our hearts are light and have the capacity to spark new thoughts. These these thoughts can enrich us and the world around us. We can apply these thoughts to new innovations or creations.

Some people measure self-worth based on productivity. It’s so easy to fall into this loop. Society often shames us away from play and relaxation. The worthiness loop will have you in busy mode 24-7. It’s my experience that stepping back from busy and focusing on creative play or relaxation can allow my mind to readjust and recall innate desires, talent, and authentic goals. Authentic goals can be busy, but they are more thoughtful and self-aware. These goals will not revolve around pleasing those that have a specific idea of who you are. These goals are unique to you, and accomplishing them is more satisfying.

Of course things just need to get done. That is inevitable. Bills need to get paid, homes need to get cleaned, work needs to be performed. The idea is to disconnect when busy is the norm and when you never feel satisfied or settled. Recognize the time to readjust, wherever that may be - home, work, etc.

The worthiness loop can be a cycle of productivity based on appearances and pleasing our critics. It is sometimes busy for the sake of being busy. It ends and begins again with a sense of self worth that is never actually satisfied, so the loop begins again. It often lacks innovation and creative strategy.

Honor yourself and carve out time to let your thoughts wander, your heart dance, and your self-worth to flourish by exploring what is authentically you.

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