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The Meaning of Home During a Pandemic

There is a maturity of spirit to resting and finding tranquility in your physical space. I was never much of a homebody. It was as if I was sitting around watching the world pass me by. Hungry for the next adventure, the next move, the next opportunity. It has taken me years to improve this. Becoming a mother later in life was the driving force.

My current "coronavirus" reality is trying to maneuver remote work, my daughter’s school, and our lifestyle within the walls of our home, all while finding gratitude in my predicament (knowing things could be very unlucky for us right now). A year ago, I could only have dreamed of a work-from-home job, so here we are.

I could use some of those late 1980's home economic tips right about now. Keeping a home together on the nights and weekends is a lot different than 24/7 with an 8-year old. Achieving a state of balance with these Six Dimensions of Psychological Well Being, revolve around the home and how we structure it these days. That’s a lot of pressure, but worth taking a look at!

  1. Self-Acceptance

  2. Personal Growth

  3. Purpose in Life

  4. Environmental Mastery

  5. Autonomy

  6. Positive Relations with others

Without schools and counselors, office environments, parties or playdates we are now challenged with finding ways to solve or satisfy these well-being dimensions in our homes with our immediate family and limited resources. Of course, most are not totally isolated, but it's nothing like it was.

With pandemic isolation, it's become obvious to me that this lingering compulsion to constantly be on the move and finding fulfillment outside of the home, was not going to be feasible if I planned to survive 2020, and now 2021. Home should be a powerful source of comfort, identity, and security. We need to “nest” and experiment with the possibilities of life - our hopes and fears. In addition to structure and organization. This is the time to go deep into color theory, feng shui, baking, new music playlists and Zoom dance parties, online classes or virtual workouts.

These days, time spent in the home is not merely a choice, it can be crucial for our survival. The psychology in managing our physical space is more important than ever. Not unlike home economics, mastering home and family life with structure and creativity teaches us how to overcome adversity.

Innovation and hope can get us through most difficult times. I am grateful to take the time to burrow deeply into my space and make it magical for my little family because that is what I can control these days.


Jacob, Sam, Understanding the psychology of your home,12/12/13

Six Dimensions of Psychological Well-Being

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