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  • Writer's pictureMarie H.

That Sixth Sense is More Mainstream Than You Think

If the U.S. Navy can invest $3.8 million in the study and teaching of premonition and intuition, what they call “sense-making”, we as women should be owning what comes naturally to many of us. Due to women having more neuro connections, the CIA has historically employed women as top spies in its organization. It's been proven that women are often better at interpreting social cues and multi-tasking.

The next time you are considering how to empower yourself to find strength and confidence, consider meditation, solitude, and creative expression. Allow those things to silence what they call the chatter of the “monkey mind” and increase your intuitive potential. This is a skill that can leave you with higher self-awareness leading to higher satisfaction in life.

What happens when we ignore our intuition?

  • That man or woman we let into our world with the slightly shifty eyes on the second date almost ruins our lives.

  • We lose out on that new home or apartment that required a quick decision and/or bid.

  • That “good” friend that always looks like she has a secret and seems so curious about your life spreads all your business around town while smiling in your face and sucking your soul.

  • The daycare teacher that is just a bit short with you, might be nasty to your child, but you will never know until your little one starts forming sentences.

  • Our fashion sense or home design becomes “cookie cutter” and we ignore our unique taste or aesthetic. We keep it safe, when the other option may have been next level amazing.

  • We end up working for an employer that does not inspire us or respect our talents.

  • We allow that grim-looking stranger to keep talking to us out of kindness when our gut says run.

  • We disrespect ourselves and our unique power.

In a recent post from Fast Co, the author discusses three kinds of intuition you need.

  1. Expert Knowledge Intuition - Utilizes everything you already know mixed with subtle signs and cues to make a quick decision.

  2. Implicit Knowledge Intuition - That epiphany in the shower or, according to Albert Einstein, “free invention of imagination”. Implicit knowledge, also known as tacit knowledge - knowledge that you do not get from being taught, or from books, etc. but get from personal experience.

  3. Non-local Intuition - Involves a kind of sixth sense of the universe while also connecting to your rational expertise and gut feeling. As noted by Deepak Chopra, this “allows us to eavesdrop on the mind of the universe.

Intuition is considered to be a strongly feminine trait. Not meaning it is only for women, but that men and women have a mix of yin and yang - feminine and masculine within us. Society and science have not always been open to exploring the possibilities of sensing and intuition, and the left brain is considered the authority as it calculates the facts. Historically, the concept of a sixth sense in our everyday lives has been shut down as nonsense.

The next time somebody says, you’re crazy, you have no proof. Stand your ground. You just might have a heightened sense of intuition to call B.S. before your left brain catches on!

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