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  • Marie H.

Tech Gadget Gifts the Mom in Your Life Didn't Know She Needed.

When the alarm goes off, you are beyond prepared to face a new day of remote work and parenting. Take minutes off of your blow dry with the Dyson Supersonic.

There's a good chance you might find it in your teenage daughter's gym bag, thanks to the Apple Air Tag you attached last week.

The heavens are aligned and all of your wireless electronics were charging beautifully overnight on this supercharged platter of power, fast charging station.

The Echo Show is playing your favorite news channel or reciting the quiche recipe while you make breakfast for the kiddos.

Oh, and don't forget to treat yourself to a Nespresso because, yes, you are that kind of coffee snob.

Once you get your toddler down for a nap you can indulge in a neck massage

or back massage

while calling your old college roommate on the Facebook Smart Video portal.

Your evening routine would not be complete without the NuFace massager and an up close glimpse at the masterpiece called, your face in the Smart Human LED compact mirror before dimming the lights and heading off for a glorious night of rest.

Still awake? Me too. Here's something for your occasional insomnia and personal sleep routine gone astray.

Watch for more unique gift lists as we get closer to the holidays!

Clicking any of these links mean that I may receive compensation from Amazon for putting together this curated list.

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