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  • Marie H.

Here's to Turning Your Dream Into a Goal

This is for my fellow resolution procrastinators who are "New-Year-New-You"-phobic. Normally I challenge myself with new projects and responsibilities all year long. I do the work, but not in a very organized or automated way on January 1st! Can you relate? I’ve been dragging my feet on a vision for 2022. I’ve been stuck about how to move forward. Is it fear? Afraid to make personal goals that are measurable and specific? I've been totally non-committal, in a “let’s see how it goes” kind of way.

Recently, I was reminded of this quote by author and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, “When the why gets stronger, the how gets easier”. If we lead with our strongest why, the passion assists us in pushing the strategy forward.

A goal without a strategy is just a dream. A beautiful, sparkly fantasyland. This explains why people fail. They are afraid to put strategy to paper and map out the steps. To set that final number or date is to commit and once you commit, then you run the risk of falling short. If you never fully commit, you can’t fail.

I recently watched a tutorial on Skillshare (get 40% off) that recommended breaking down goals into short-term and long-term, and by 1, 3, 5, and 10-year timeframes. Then make an effort to pinpoint the top five goals. Additionally, categorize them by Economic, Material Things, and Personal Development. Remember that personal development goals feed everything else. If you’re reading one book a month, you are sharpening your mind. A sharp mind makes everything else possible.

Be precise and consider not simply indicating that you want to earn money, but what is the source? - salary, side hustle, investments, etc. Not simply that you want to dress better, but for what occasion, what standard, which designer, better shoes or better suits, etc.

Make yourself a Goals Success Formula -

  1. Choose a specific and measurable goal.

  2. Make a strategy

  3. Identify and break down the baby steps.

  4. Assign time/due dates on a calendar.

  5. Expect to make modifications in the future as needed

  6. Start everyday with this goal in mind by writing this sentence “Today I will work towards my goal by…..”

  7. Consider making a vision board.

I've realized that only unicorns can get by without mapping their strategy because the are magical and fantastical creatures. We are not unicorns. We can't wait for someone to swoop us up and bring us to the top without doing the work. The wait will be long and disappointing. Lets try to honor our worth and identity by being specific and careful with our vision for the future.

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** I may be eligible for commission on this offer while not affecting the price for you in any way.

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