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  • Marie H.

Jazz Will Never Die - Happy Jazz Appreciation Month!

Here are six contemporary jazz artists to color your world. Yes, I may have started with Elena Pinderhughes because of my secret ambition to play jazz flute, but didn't get past 7 years of classical flute as a child. Pep band, marching band, orchestra, yes, all me.

Music education is an amazing privilege, and those that are lucky enough to have the opportunity never lose their appreciation for instrumental music. Luckily, my small town public school education offered this to us.

Jazz is uniquely American with European and African roots. It’s influence reaches every corner of the world. I want everyone to embrace it. Be American. Love it now.

That's an order.

Elena Pinderhughes

Domi & JD Beck

Binker and Moses

Esperanza Spalding

Kamasi Washington

Ife Ogunjobi