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  • Marie H.

It’s a New Year! Grab Your Toolkit and Let’s Go.

Just as you would spend the time toning and sculpting your physical appearance, sculpt a powerful and passionate mind. Build a mindset toolkit and draw from it daily.

I’ve been manifesting bits and pieces of my life through a sincere dedication to self-awareness and experimental bravery. A few years ago I crafted a story about parts of my life in a virtual workshop. I was drawn to this after a failed relationship that generated toxic energy that I felt was chipping away at my self-confidence and self-worth. I lost sight of all of the amazing experiences and learning I’ve accomplished in my life and just couldn’t seem to readjust. By the end of that course, I wrote a story that was authentically me, but also refreshingly included those bits of me that I let fall along the wayside. I began to feel more empowered to create a new reality. That particular workshop taught me about vulnerability, hidden scripts, and what to do with them.

Creating the life you want involves being present and open to opportunity, having the courage to write down what you want, possessing the bravery to take that slow walk through discomfort to comfort. Doing the work to determine your own authentic desires and channeling hope and creativity regularly.

Arm yourself with a strategic mental toolkit as we transition into the new year.

  • Silence your inner critic. Your inner critic is a fearful friend that exposes internal wounds and tries to hold you back. Take some time to write down the script and alter it. Learn to recognize and listen to it without attachment.

  • Write down your goals and plans but be careful when and with who to share them with. In my experience, when we let them out, we can deflate them. They lose energy and we begin to sabotage ourselves.

  • Understand how to optimize your flow state - where and when do you feel fully present?

  • Learn the habits needed to recreate flow conditions. Design your environment or your schedule accordingly.

  • Purpose = Direction and Resolution= Action

  • Purpose is often found in our most intimate moments of reflection or struggle. Without a strong “why”, goals can fall flat.

  • Make your goals so immersive and persuasive that you can justify the effort even when exhausted.

  • Reward yourself for the small wins.

When our inner and outer worlds are aligned and purpose collaborates with flow, we can find harmony in realizing our full potential.

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