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  • Writer's pictureMarie H.

Feeling Bored? Here are Six Podcasts to Entertain, Shock, and Inspire

Here is a current list of my podcast recommendations that made me laugh, cry, and question the thin line between extremely successful and batshit crazy.

1. I'm Not a Monster - Follow the life of an American woman who follows her husband to Morocco and ends up living day to day in a Syrian Isis camp with her kids and newly militant husband.

2. The Dropout - The story of the enigmatic and charming, Elizabeth Holmes, and her spiral down a rabbit hole of lies and corporate corruption. She headed up Theranos, a blood-testing company who's tests were found to be faulty, and she knew it.

3. Bunga Bunga - The story of the former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlesconi. Enjoy Italian politics, sex, partying with the rich and famous, and good old-fashioned government corruption.

4. The Shrink Next Door - The story of a therapist who defrauded his patient out of his Hamptons' estate through sinister manipulation and puppetry, and how he seems to have gotten away with it.

7. Wine and Crime - Some Minnesota girlfriends gulp down wine and discuss true crime and scandalous real-life murders. You won't want to laugh, but you will.

6. Dirty John - A must for middle-aged single ladies (and others) looking for love in all the wrong places. This guy lied, cheated, charmed his way into the hearts of women. As an anesthesia nurse with a drug addiction, he was lethal. He tried to kill his wife's petite "Walking Dead"- loving adult daughter as revenge but ended up being overpowered by her and stabbed multiple times.

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