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  • Marie H.

Creating Sanctuary

No matter who is in your life and what situation you find yourself in, take time to honor your own peace and desires. Take the time to create your own version of sanctuary.

I imagine a place where my mind is still, my body is warm, both silence and naturescape create a hum around me. I may be wrapped in a fluffy blanket or immersed in the warmth of water in my bath. My favorite scents are blended and blowing through an oil diffuser, baking in the oven, or floating on breeze from my garden. As sensuous beings we crave sanctuary. As a working, independent mom, it is both a desire and a necessity. The question is, how do we plan it - create, build, utilize this?

Sanctuary means a few things - the most sacred part of a religious building, a place of protection or refuge, a safe place. I don’t need “protection” from my child, but the idea of planning an experience in the home that is easy to get to and guaranteed to revive spirits, uplift the soul, and bring me back to center seems so crucial to personal and family development. At the end of the day, if I'm tightly wound and emotions are running high, it’s just not as easy to be that conscious parent that loves, educates and nurtures.

Questions to ask yourself when building your private sanctuary -

  1. What do you hope to achieve? Are you looking to calm down, refresh your energy, create a masterpiece? You wouldn’t necessarily use lavender oil to invigorate, but enjoying smells of a special bake dish may succeed in triggering memories of love and warmth.

  2. What do you hope to bring into your life or step away from?

  3. Are you sparked more by sights, sounds, touch?

  4. How can you set aside a part of your home (no matter how small) to create this?

In the home, we may consider how we are designing and living in our space. Whether we make little “altars” everywhere, or we consider the total design of our home a sanctuary in itself is up to us. If we have a large family, or the kids are active throughout the home, maybe a small space to focus on and keep private would be ideal. If our children are a little older, they may be able to help with the project of creating a home that provides them with that inspiration that they need too.

Personally, I see so many benefits to working on the whole home as something of a sanctuary although I’m far from that glossy design magazine idea of perfection. I’ve been compelled to write this post and at the same time try to implement it. With working from home, it is becoming more and more evident that being intentional with design is key since the majority of my life is here.

Some techniques are:

  1. Focus on decluttering.

  2. Incorporate plants and fresh cut flowers.

  3. Consider your lighting - Uplighting, candle light, artificial sun lights, soft glow from lamps.

  4. Understand what colors and textures you are drawn to and why.

  5. Communicate about everyone’s needs in the home.

  6. Bring out special occasion items that trigger your best memories. Not just for holidays!

  7. Consider more intentional porch or patio design.

  8. Design an herb garden box indoors and utilize herbs in your cooking for fresh smells throughout the home.

  9. Frame family artwork in decorative or high-end frames.

  10. Incorporate thoughtful decor around your workspace. Crystals, kids artwork, a vision board.

We all get stuck in our heads, and some of us have a harder time leaving. We work and go through the motions. We care for others. Take the time to honor yourself, set boundaries, and celebrate all you do and how to best replenish your spirit.

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