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  • Marie H.

Creating Cherished Memories During the Holiday Hustle.

This parenting business is the real deal. The memories we create intentionally or unintentionally will mold our children’s identity. Like most parents, I want my child to turn out healthy, happy, successful, etc. I want to know that when it’s time to step away, she will be armed with an arsenal of decision-making tools that keep her on the right path (for her). Also, I’d like her to remember our time together and growing up as joyous, warm, fun, and thoughtful. Our children are our legacy that we leave in the world. Some would say, our best creations.

Now that we are so close to December and the holiday season is in full effect, I’ve been thinking about the importance of traditions and what she’ll remember during this time. Although we have extended family, it’s just the two of us at home for now, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t build strong memories to last a lifetime!

Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Give each child a unique ornament every year that says something about them and what is going on in their life at that time.

  2. Camp out in front of the Christmas tree with holiday books, treats and music.

  3. Go Ice Skating.

  4. Make Christmas garland.

  5. Involve your child in supporting a family in need.

  6. Make hot chocolate bombs or a hot chocolate bar with fun candy.

  7. Frost cookies together. Have a creative cookie contest.

  8. Read holiday books before bed each night.

  9. Consider going to breakfast Christmas morning.

  10. Host an open house for friends and family to stop by and visit.

  11. Create a DIY photobooth for your party.

  12. Let your kids pick out and give gifts to the pet/s.

  13. Decorate a holiday-themed dish at a paint-your-own pottery store with family, and continue this each year.

  14. Research and try a new cultural tradition that’s different from your own.

  15. Check out the events at your public library.

  16. Take a shopping trip to the city with all the ladies in your family.

  17. Take time weekly to discuss goals for the new year.

  18. Spend the year filling the jar with good things that happened. Read them on New Year’s Day.

  19. Diffuse some holiday/winter-scented essential oils. Scent is a powerful memory!

  20. Research local holiday productions, plays and cultural exhibitions.

One thing that seems certain is that time goes quickly. Lately, I blink my eyes and another month is over. It seems only right that we try to live with more intention in the moments and create more joy in the holiday hustle.

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