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  • Marie H.

Beauty, Business, and a Labor of Love

Introducing three amazing women that are putting in a labor of love with three different beauty and wellness companies. Including both a Direct to Consumer model and Multi-Level Marketing approach that has been around for years and provides individuals opportunities for entrepreneurship through direct selling with varying profit income structures. This model is known for offering flexibility and freedom.

I’m so ecstatic these ladies are sharing their personal “why” and favorite recommended products! There are so many brands with exceptional products and people I want to support.

I will let them tell you more!

My name is Sarah Anselment:

IG @Sarah_Anselment

I’m 32 years old, recovering addict, 7 years clean. Mommy of 5. Joined Limelife by Alcone to get her spark back and gain a community of women. Ended up hitting the top of the company with a million dollar team and now stays to show others what’s possible and to help women all over change their circumstances.

Limelife by Alcone is a family owned business and is the only direct sales company with professional makeup. We also offer all natural skincare, babies line and men’s line. We have been around for 70 years but just within the past 6 years have opened up to the public as a direct sales company to help people gain financial empowerment and live their best life everyday.

Click on the favorite to go directly to Sarah’s Limelife by Alcone page.

Three Favorite Star Products:

One Drop Wonder - Made with only one ingredient, Pomifera oil, super antioxidants, rich in omega 6, UV protectant. This booster repairs your skin cells and helps heal many common skin issues, it’s anti-aging and reverses damage to the skin, restores moisture and leaves a healthy glow.

Skin Polish - Nutrient rich scrub and mask hydrated balances and reduces inflammation. Natural jojoba beads roll away impurities as well

As dead skin and dehydrated skin cells so oils from olives and lemons and cypress can restore and protect the skin . Reduced acne, wrinkles and leaves a youthful glow.

Limelife Perfect Foundation - Celebrity used foundation rcma formula , 50 percent pigment. Plant based wax formula so it just sets on top of your face and doesn’t clog pores.

A healthy foundation that looks and feels like skin!

If you want to be colormatched, reach out to Sarah to get a professional team perfect match! Pair with our translucent pressed powder to set and blue pores!

My name is Jessica Robert:

I’m a wife and Mama of 2 kiddos; a 9 year old girl and a 6 year old boy. I’ve been a flight attendant for a major carrier for 21 years and a shampoo dealer for the last 3 years.

I wasn’t looking for a side hustle, just good hair products that would help my hair after having kids. I had tried them all…from the items on the shelves at Target to the pricey salon brands, and was still not loving my hair. My friend, Ashley, had started posting about these anti-aging Monat Hair Care Products she was using and loving, and I was intrigued. Her Mom is a career stylist of 30 years and swore by this company, so I had to see what they were about.

I called Ashley to inquire about the products and ended up signing up for the biggest discount with the option to sell. My only goal was to sell enough to pay for my product pack. I made back my investment in the first month, have been on 2 fully paid for trips and haven’t looked back! I’m so grateful for the community, personal development, and relationships that I’ve gained through Monat.

Click on the favorite to go directly to Jessica’s Monat page.

My top 3 go to Monat products that I feel everyone should have in their beauty tool box are:

Rejuveniqe Oil- our proprietary blend of 13 naturally based botanical oils that are infused in the majority of our products and literally has over 100 uses. It helps to rejuvenate the hair and scalp by providing vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair. I love to use it for overnight oil treatments, for sunburns in the summer and as a cuticle treatment in dry winter months. I put that stuff on everything!

Eye Smooth Eye Cream- reduces dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. A must for all the tired Mamas doing all the things. It’s best applied with a cool roller. It feels so good and soothes that delicate under eye skin. My tired eyes can’t live without this cream!

Monat Greens - is packed with 37 fruits and vegetables. This superfood powder provides antioxidants, a dose of daily fiber, supports immune health, gives energy and promotes healthy skin. I mix this with my favorite sparkling water daily and I’m good to go and get all my fruits and veggies for the day! The perfect health hack for busy Moms like me and my kids love it, too!

I never would have thought that a bottle of shampoo would have impacted my life and the lives of so many others as much as it has. I absolutely love being a hair, skin and wellness concierge.”

My name is Stephanie Weaver

IG @gocounterwithstephanie

I’m a Director with Beautycounter, a direct to consumer brand. My professional career began as a Special Education + Algebra teacher, working with kids K-12. Loved working in the schools but found the opportunity to stay-at-home with my own two and took on that adventure. Having kids really is what prompted my search for a “cleanish” lifestyle as I simply didn’t like the confusion when looking for safer products and questioning if others were potentially harmful. When you’re told that products you use should be avoided during pregnancy, then you start to ask more questions to determine if it was ever safer for YOU in the first place. This led to more research into environmental factors, food choices, personal care products, cleaning products, etc. As you can imagine, some within our control that could help us lead healthier lives. However, we can not fully eliminate toxins. We can instead be mindful of our product choices and the companies we support with our dollars.

Our family switched to steel water bottles (because it’s better than plastic), filtered our water, eliminated harmful cleaning products, added more air purifying plants, continued to take off our shoes indoors, started paying attention to companies mission and searched for B-corps (bc we should care for our planet), selected organic fruit at the local farmers market (bc pesticides) but next on the list for us…clean swap those personal care products.

DYK...the last major law passed to regulate beauty ingredients in the U.S. was in 1938?! We are dangerously behind the times. The US currently only bans 30 ingredients from personal care products...the EU 1,400 and CAN 600 for comparison. This was shocking to me and really most people I’ve found! Enter Beautycounter-banning over 1800+ questionable or potential harmful ingredients that are on the shelves all over the US.

Beautycounter became an easy button for us with a promise that is simple: Ethically sourced. Obsessively tested. Always clean. As a B Corporation, the company mission is advanced by educating, advocating for more health-protective laws (in our own industry no less), and creating products that meet the highest standards for performance and safety.

Beautycounter standards are far above any I had experienced and while more are taking notice, we are certainly the leaders in clean. We take safety seriously. Over 1,800 ingredients are never used in our formulations—we call this The Never List™—and we go above and beyond to screen every ingredient against our high standards. It’s not enough to only create safer products—which is why we’ve rolled out 12 safety standards (shown here) that our formula and manufacturing partners must adhere to. If they won’t, it’s a hard no.

As the leader in clean, we also fight tirelessly for #betterbeauty laws so that everyone has access to safer products. We truly are so much more than skincare and lipstick. As I moved into my 40s, it became time I could no longer live with the “no real skincare” routine of my past. Great makeup needs to start with great skin. What a challenge to choose just 3 of my top favorites, but these 3 could be the start to your great skin moving forward!

In sharing my top favorites, I must make note that a few came unexpectedly (no idea I needed them), a few came out of a need to defy my age and others came from recommendations that had me curious. Don’t you love those social seller friends that can send you straight to your cart with a credit card ready? I actually love hearing what others are using and what's working for them...bonus when it's also safe.

Click on the favorite to go directly to Stephanie’s Beautycounter page.

Beautycounter Favorite 1:

Cleansing Balm-Shall we get glowing and start with this multitasking cleanser? This cleansing balm is perfect for day and night use, hydrates while it cleanses, removing makeup and impurities with nourishing ingredients that won’t strip away your skin’s natural moisture. (Bonus: it can also be used as a mask for a hydrating overnight facial.) With a blend of lotus extract, jojoba seed oil, and avocado seed oil, this balm soothes skin while increasing luminosity. Another thing of note, all of these products will last. A little goes such a long way, so you can treat all the dry spots, get those cuticles into shape, and soothe skin irritations with plenty to spare.

Beautycounter Favorite 2:

Countertime Tripeptide Serum-In my 40s, I didn’t want to slow down time or even reverse it but I did add these products to defy age a touch. This transformative rejuvenating treatment visibly increases skin firmness and elasticity, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with a powerful blend of peptides, amino acids, and our plant-derived Retinatural Complex (Bakuchiol and Swiss Alpine Rose replace the need for Retinol), it helps enhance the skin’s moisture barrier function to optimize hydration for a radiant complexion. Use both day and night before your targeted moisturizer.

Beautycounter Favorite 3:

Dew Skin -As my skin changes with age, I have found this sheer-coverage tinted moisturizer helps to even skin tone as it protects against sun’s damaging rays with SPF 20. The formula features a blend of black currant seed oil, peony root extract, and vitamin C to help brighten while leaving skin looking radiant. With continued use, skin will feel firmer and look more luminous. Special note that all of our spf products use a non-nano zinc oxide for a physical mineral sunscreen protection—better for you and our coral reefs.

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