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  • Marie H.

Ain’t Nothing But a Number: 15 Ways to Stay Youthful

For years I’ve felt younger than my actual age.  I think it all started after surviving thyroid cancer in my early 20’s. That is when I started questioning everything and pushing limits in life. New experiences and learning made me feel youthful and excited about life.

It’s believed that you can stay youthful and even slow down your biological age even though the years keep passing by.  I’m speaking of the cells in your body and the sharpness of your mind. It’s not my intention to deny my real age or reality.  It’s about redefining what that age means to me.  Many people stop doing interesting things, stop learning, give up on their bodies because they think it’s not their time anymore.  I wholeheartedly challenge that way of thinking.  

Here are several tips to reverse our biological age, keep the mind sharp, and look younger:

  1. Bring laughter and humor into your life regularly.

  2. Get rid of guilt and stay “future-minded”.

  3. Lift weights

  4. Flexibility training

  5. Continuously learn new things.

  6. Reconnect with old friends and focus on staying social.

  7. Maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

  8. Play

  9. Eat more fish or take Omega 3.

  10. Take ginger & tumeric to assist with cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation.

  11. Switch to a Mediterranean diet.

  12. Do squats and bench presses.  (Both hormone and metabolism-boosting)

  13. Consider your gut health - probiotics, garlic, onion, oats, or fermented foods to balance it.

  14. Increase your antioxidants.

  15. Cut saturated fat.

Write these down, print them out, hang them up on your bathroom mirror so you don’t forget! Make tiny habits towards the end goal of flourishing at your age.

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