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  • Marie H.

A Love Letter To My Mind

In all of our years together, I intimately know what you are capable of. I also know the way you love, sabotage, and criticize. You’ve enabled my gifts of creativity, boldness, and ambition, but then you have the power to sabotage at the crucial moments in life when I need you most.

Neuroplasticity is something we are going to work on. Re-training your process, re-wiring our pathways. I am you, but I can also recognize your distortions. You are my most powerful weapon and I have the power to mold you as I like. I hear these distortions come in the form of magnification, over-generalization, tunnel vision, fortune-telling, castastrophizing, mind-reading and disbelief. They say I have the power to overcome all of these - dissolving the enemy within us.

I nurture you now with self-compassion and a growth-mindset. I will be slow, methodical, intentional with my reactions. I will study you and give you all the love I have as my most coveted possession.

I write this letter because we are all we have and also all that is standing between our greatness or failure.

Nothing exists without our skillful collaboration and compassion.

I am yours forever.

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