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Marie in reverie is a platform to explore personal development, mindfulness and definitions of beauty and style. 40-something women are positioned to reflect, review, and redefine who they want to be and their lifestyle. We can find empowerment in cultural exploration and creative expression as self-care.

I am a devoted mother, creator, optimist, soul-seeker, and explorer re-learning the strength of my words and influence of my voice.

In 2020, I wrote a part of my life story, gaining more clarity into the strength of my memories and especially how I have interpreted them over the years. I realized I was masked and holding on deeply to pieces of hate and sadness caused by deep loss in my life. I was losing a light spirit and any type of magnetism I possessed. I was shrinking away and felt like an energy drain to those around me.

This expressive windfall recalled past accomplishments and also moments of pure devastation leading to immense sacrifice and the beauty of motherhood. Recognizing and honoring my narrative led to reclaiming the exceptional and the forgotten from my past. I was trying to understand why some things I held more sacred than others and how that crafted my identity and decision-making. After heartbreak, comes healing, if someone is self-motivated enough to work through it.

My experience is that being creative and hopeful, helps to bind our future to our vision of who we are and the life we want.

I welcome you to subscribe and engage with me!

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