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  • Writer's pictureMarie H.

11 Awesome Facts about losing 20 lbs., gaining 20 lbs., and then trying to lose them again.

  1. It’s totally like deja vu and deja vu is cool

  1. I get to savor the memories of delicious holiday comfort foods, homemade fudge, wine... actually let’s make wine a non-subject here.

  2. Feeling proud that I am not a sociopath because I have really deep emotions and empathy, and my emotional eating proves it.

  3. The pure excitement of mastering last year’s healthy diet habits again, and the several weeks of torture it takes to be ok with that.

  4. I am amazing at showing gratitude and love for my mother by eating all the treats she dropped off. I knew that eventually finishing each holiday container was one step closer to starting the new year, new me.

  5. I get a break from people saying, “wow, I almost didn’t recognize you”, because they will remember and just be quiet.

  6. Proving that fleshy faces can, in fact, look younger.

  7. Feeling happy that 20 lbs, one way or another, doesn’t change the fact that I am healthy and safe during this time.

  8. I learn to become a master of camera angles.

  9. I am able to get in touch with my inner athlete and just start over. Again.

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