Marie in Reverie explores environments, emotions, beauty, and culture.

I’m a bi-racial/black single momma to my 8 year old, Analise.  Born and raised in Wisconsin, I moved away to Chicago and New York, only to return years later to the Milwaukee area.

I remember second grade parent-teacher conferences.  My cranky teacher, Mrs. D., said in a stern and raspy voice that I was a daydreamer.  I cried and sniffled all the way home.  I’ve spent years learning discipline and focus, but the daydreams held on strong.  Always curious, forever questioning, and entranced by sparkle and shine. In our home we craft, write, and play when we are not working hard at school and work. I crave beautiful photos, glamour, and imaginary magical scenes on gloomy days.  I’ve learned that hope and thinking “outside of the box” are the strongest survival skills there are in this crazy world.  

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